Hear Ear Safety Clip

The Hear Ear safety clip can be used with a range of different hearing devices, including brands such as Phonak, Unitron, Oticon, Widex, Bernafon, Siemens and more… It is flexible, comfortable, practical and can stetch up to three times its original length. Safe for children and adults alike, and one size fits all. It can be used for bilateral or unilateral hearing loss, with one or two hearing devices, just by snipping away the extra cord if it is not required. Made with materials suitable for sensitive skin and with a sleek, smooth finish making it easy to clean.

The Hear Ear safety clip is manufactured using ultrasonic welding, to ensure a robust hearing aid accessory with maximum rigidity and durability.

Components are as follows:

  • White round plastic clip with Hear Ear logo, measuring 5cms in diameter with film printed Hear Ear logo.
  • Beautiful ribbon lanyard in gold, measuring 30cm x 12mm.
  • Flexible clear ‘O’ Ring to stretch over hearing device – 10mm
  • TPU stretch elastic measuring 25cm x 9mm.
  • Clear ‘O’ Ring x 2 – 8mm inside dimension. (flexible).
  • No metal contact parts.


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