Girls Personalised Hearing Aid Retainer

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Also fits children’s cochlear implants!
Kids and grown-ups alike, like things that feel unique and special to them. A personalised hearing aid retainer can be ordered for girls in a range of different designs and children love them as something unique and special that they can design themselves, choosing cord colours, bead colours, motifs and letters. You can request to have an initial on the badge if you would like and can also request personalised retainers for unilateral or bilateral hearing loss. Personalised retainers can be used with cochlear implants and hearing aids for children.

For more elaborate personalised hearing aid retainers, we can also spell out the name of your child along the strap. You can choose a specific colour for the adjustable and non-adjustable beads on the cord and the rubber cartoon badge on the clip can be picked according to what theme, character or logo your daughter likes. These hearing aid clip retainers are good to keep children’s hearing aids or children’s cochlear implants from flapping around too much and also prevent them from getting lost.


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