Football Hearing Aid Clip

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Can also be used for cochlear implants!

Very classic dark blue cochlear implant/hearing aid clip retainer for boys, with a football emblem on the badge. This retainer can also be used for deaf children’s unilateral hearing loss on request.

It is designed to attach to both your deaf child’s clothing and BTE hearing device in order to prevent loss or damage. The adjustment bead in the centre of the cord can be tightened to make wearing behind the ear hearing devices more comfortable for children, and the retainer is designed to help prevent hearing devices becoming lost or damaged.

Hearing aid and cochlear implant retainers, and decorations for children’s hearing devices are designed to help promote a positive attitude towards hearing loss on children, helping to give your deaf child confidence and allowing them to wear their hearing device with pride.

Hearing retainers are suitable for children 3 years + due to small parts.

Cord length approximately 18cm.

This hearing retainer is not suitable for use with children’s bone anchored hearing aids.

Children should be supervised at all times whilst wearing retainers.


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