Soccer Hearing Retainer

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Can be used for cochlear implants or hearing aids!
Soccer motif hearing retainer for boys or female football lovers, with a black star embellishment on the cord. Comes in a neutral beige colour, highlighted with contrasting black and white. This clip fits children’s cochlear implants and hearing aids, and is designed to help avoid loss or damage to hearing devices. Can be altered for unilateral deafness on request.

Much like tube decorations for children with hearing impairment, cheery themed retainers are designed to help children to be positive and proud of their hearing aids or cochlear implants.

Cord length approximately 18cm.

Children should be supervised at all times whilst wearing retainers.

Not for use with bone anchored hearing aids for children (BAHAs).

Hearing retainers are suitable for children 3 years + due to small parts.


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