Builder Hearing Aid Retainer

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For all those little builders, this cochlear implant/hearing aid retainer for children can be used with all models of children’s cochlear implants and hearing aids. Retainers help to stop deaf children from losing or damaging¬†hearing devices. This hearing aid clip can be altered for unilateral children’s hearing impairment on request.

This retainer is used to prevent loss or damage to children’s hearing devices. The lanyard attaches at one end to clothing, and at the other ends attach to the device. The adjustment bead in the middle of the cord also helps to make wear of HAs and CIs more comfortable for deaf children when used with bilateral hearing loss, as when tightened it pulls the BTE section of the device back against the head. Retainer clips and tubing decorations for deaf children are designed to help promote a proud, happy attitude towards hearing technology.

Cord length approximately 18cm.

Hearing retainers are suitable for children 3 years + due to small parts.

This retainer cannot be used for BAHAs (bone anchored hearing aids) for children.

Children should be supervised at all times whilst wearing retainers.


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