Christmas Bears Hearing Package

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This beautiful handmade and personalised children’s Christmas hearing package is perfect for children with hearing loss during the festive Christmas period. The hearing aid retainers, which can also be used with children’s cochlear implants are great for helping prevent damage to or loss of children’s BTE hearing devices and the range of tube decorations, four in a ‘dangle’ style and two with traditional plastic tubing backs. These look super cute and very Christmassy. This package also comes with a metal backed Christmas bear pin badge to coordinate the whole look and there is a wooden plaque inside, to customise the box with your child’s name. The overall look of this package is very sophisticated and should be a Christmas favourite for your deaf child year on year. The package includes:

1 luxury design Christmas bear retainer with snowflake adjustment bead
1 standard candy cane design hearing aid retainer
6 hearing aid/cochlear implant tube decorations
1 metal backed Christmas bear badge
1 wooden box, hand embellished and personalised on the inside with your child’s name.

This package brings a real positive sparkle to childhood deafness over the holidays.

Retainer lanyard length approximately 18cm total.

Hearing aid retainers and cochlear implant retainers are suitable for children 3 years + due to small parts.

Children should be supervised at all times whilst wearing retainers.


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