Ballerina Children’s Hearing Package

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Suitable for children’s cochlear implants and hearing aids!
Beautiful ballerina children’s hearing package for children’s hearing loss. The contents of this package can be modified for use with bilateral or unilateral children’s hearing loss and can make a lovely Christmas or birthday gift for girls with hearing aids or cochlear implants.

Each set contains:

1 personalised girls ballerina hearing aid/cochlear implant retainer with a bright pink cord.
1 standard girls ballerina hearing retainer with pale pink cord.
4 tube decorations (2 pairs) in a ballerina shoe and ribbon style.
1 pretty hand embellished box to keep everything in.

Hearing aid retainers are invaluable for keeping your hearing impaired child’s devices safe and secure, and tube decorations add a real personal touch. Accessorizing and decorating hearing aids and cochlear implants can be a lovely way to get your deaf child involved with how they wear their hearing device, having a choice in how they want to look, helping to encourage confidence.

Children should be supervised at all times when wearing retainers for safety reasons.

This package is suitable for children of 3 years +.

Total cord length is approximately 18 cm.

Not for use with BAHAs (children’s bone anchored hearing aids).


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