Selling – Little Ears Shop for Childhood Deafness

Despite the growing number of children diagnosed with hearing loss since newborn hearing screening was introduced, there are very few mainstream products for children with hearing loss and little/no dedicated one-stop-shop for childhood deafness. Many products that us parents do purchase are actually made by like-minded parents of children with hearing loss who have stumbled on good products and ideas to make wearing hearing aids fun for kids.

What to Sell?

If you make your own products or would like to sell a product you find useful for your child with hearing loss, we get a lot of enquiries for:

  • Protective hearing aid/cochlear implant covers
  • Decorated children’s BAHA bands
  • Hearing hats for infants
  • Hearing aid/cochlear implant retainers
  • Hearing aid tube decorations
  • Hearing aid stickers and decorative sets
  • My Little Ears currently has three sellers:

So, How to Sell? 

Interested but nervous on how to begin? Here is a video on how to list your products on the site once registered…

For any products that you sell, My Little Ears accepts a 15% commission on the sale price (not including postage, a large part of which covers the fee PayPal charges us). We forward you your earnings, and you send the order out to your customer.

Our Current Sellers…

Currently, My Little Ears has three registered sellers:

Brandon’s Shop sells children’s cochlear implant and hearing aid retainers as well as tube decorations and startup packages incorporating both.

Anchor Your Hearing sells hearing aid and cochlear implant pilot caps designed to discourage toddlers, babies and children from removing hearing devices and also to keep wear comfortable.

Hear Ear sells a retainer designed for adults, more specifically targeted to the elderly and those suffering from Dementia or Alzheimers, on a mission to help save the NHS money on replacing devices.