Hearing Aid Decoration Ideas!

Accessories and decorations for children’s hearing aids and cochlear implants can be hard to find, and often, only available over the internet. If you’re interested in decorating your deaf child’s hearing device but want your little one to feel included in the fun, and/or would like to get crafty by making your own, here are some ideas on hearing aid decoration…


You can quite easily find very small stickers that fit nicely onto your child’s hearing aids or cochlear implants in the shops, and your child will most likely love picking out which characters or themes to adorn their ears with. Simple hearing aid stickers can be made from any children’s stickers of an appropriate size and tend to be the cheapest option for cheering and brightening up HAs and CIs, and found in a very wide range of shops, even supermarkets.

Nail Foils

Stickers may add a nice touch to your deaf child’s hearing device but for full coverage of the device, and a real bold look, nail foils are an excellent option. they can be stuck and layered onto hearing aids/cochlear implants to cover, but just make sure not to cover the microphone area, and to make a cut so the battery door remains accessible.


You can customize and brighten up your child’s earrmold tubing to pretty much any colour you like using a sharpie or permanent marker. Just make sure you run a test first to ensure that you have used a true permanent marker so as not to leave any nasty stains on the earmold.

Character Ears

One idea that can be great, especially to decorate hearing aids for little girls that like to play dress up with fairies, is to find decorative butterfly or dragonfly hair accessories or craft embellishments that look like butterflies and cut through in half. You can then use either double sided tape or loom bands to grip around your child’s hearing aids or cochlear implants. Voila, hey presto, fairy ears!


Earrings can be very easily adapted and made into decorations for hearing aid tubes, or cochlear implant tubes by removing the hook  or stud at the back and replacing with a metal jewellery hoop to go over tubing. This can work out really well, especially when there are lots of seasonal styles around, such as Halloween, Christmas or Easter, so your deaf child can dress up and maybe even wear some of the same earrings or accessories as their hearing friends.

So that’s it, some of our best tips on how to easily, cheaply and quickly decorate your deaf child’s hearing device. For more ideas, you can visit our blog, or alternatively, shop for children’s hearing accessories