‘Dragon Ears’ – Decorating Hearing Aids

I’ve spent a lot of time making retainers for my little boy’s hearing aids so they don’t get lost or damaged, and because he enjoys picking out different characters and colours each morning to fix to his ears, but recently he decided he wanted a bit more… Kids go through phases and right now, it’s How to Train your Dragon. All week my boy, Brandon, has put up a fight to put in his hearing aids in the morning, until he gets his ‘dragon’ ears, so finally, we got round to choosing online, ordering the bits in, and for decorating hearing aids. How to Train Your Dragon

Here’s what we did….

Changing the Colour – Washi Tape

We used Washi tape to decorate his hearing aids. I was a bit concerned that it wouldn’t be sticky enough but actually, it’s probably best that it’s low tack as it shouldn’t be too tough to take off when he decides he wants something else. So now instead of being their usual subtle beige, colour the boy’s hearing aids are now lime and bright green with a very dragony scale pattern…

Stickers or nail foil transfers

Okay, I am not a manicurist. I have no idea how to use nail foils. I bought lovely ‘Toothless’ nail foils that were going to be perfect to stick onto the Washi tape but so far, I can’t get them to stick, so for now, that ideas getting left until I find some awesome How to Train your Dragon stickers. Maybe if anyone has any tips on how to get nail foils on for decorating hearing aids or cochlear implants for kids, that would be great, and perhaps you’d like to add to comments…

Tube decorations

Using rubber charms, we made tube decorations for his hearing aids which just slip over the tubing. He picked out one of each character and we made the whole range. The smaller ones tend to look the best, but they all look pretty awesome he reckons.

Hearing Aid Clip

We finally made a very striking ‘Toothless’ hearing aid retainer, as well as a ‘Hiccup’ one, so he can change over as he likes. We used green beads with black cord, and put on a personalised letter ‘B’ for Brandon!How to Train your Dragon set

So that’s it. My project for the week for my little boy and his hearing aids.