Children's Hearing Tests - My Little Ears

Whether it’s just a standard screening or check-up that your child needs, or childhood deafness has¬†already been suspected or confirmed, your children’s hearing tests can cause a lot of anxiety for a parent, and if your child does turn out to have any hearing issues, it can be incredibly useful to go into a hearing assessment with some ideas on how everything works, what you can expect from the process and what it all means beforehand.

Childrens Hearing Tests This section of the website is here to give some information on hearing tests, to differentiate between all the different types of tests, including OAE, ABR, VRA, CPA and others. It’s all about the science of how each hearing test works. It’s all about the process that you can expect your child to go through when facing a hearing test, and how you can make that process easier and more enjoyable, and it’s all about what the whole thing really means.

So if you have a hearing test scheduled, and would like to go in prepared or you had a hearing test that you have some concerns about, these are the pages that you should read through now!