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Children's Hearing Aids and Subtitling Services

It’s not until little ears start getting bigger that we may start to notice where children with hearing loss are struggling to access services. Babies and toddlers are unable to communicate what they can’t hear, but juniors, adolescents and teens will tell us what they haven’t heard. At some point, the issue of television sound […]

Hearing Loss at Preschool Age Since getting his hearing device fitted years ago, I thought I had a lot of ‘ears’ conversations with our boy covered, but hearing loss and preschool confidence seems to be proving a different and new challenge. Every Christmas since our son, Brandon, has had hearing aids, I make him a specially […]

Despite the growing number of children diagnosed with hearing loss since newborn hearing screening was introduced, there are very few mainstream products for children with hearing loss and little/no dedicated one-stop-shop for childhood deafness. Many products that us parents do purchase are actually made by like-minded parents of children with hearing loss who have stumbled […]

I’ve spent a lot of time making retainers for my little boy’s hearing aids so they don’t get lost or damaged, and because he enjoys picking out different characters and colours each morning to fix to his ears, but recently he decided he wanted a bit more… Kids go through phases and right now, it’s […]

Childhood Deafness in Mainstream Schools If your deaf child is still a baby or toddler, you may feel that school is a long way off. You may feel confident that your child’s extra needs will be met through extra support throughout their education and expect getting support at school to be an easy ride, but […]

Children’s Radio Aids and School for Deaf Children When starting to think about your young deaf child’s education, it’s important to fully understand the technology options that are available to help your child to be able to hear as much as possible, to access not only important and educational information from teachers and staff, but […]

If you are a parent who has just received a diagnosis of hearing loss for your baby and are either waiting or have just had your deaf child’s first hearing device fitted, you may have some concerns, or be wondering on some of the best products out there to help to deal with issues like […]

My Little Ears has been approached this week by Hear Ear Audiology Limited, a company that manufactures the Hear Ear safety clip, suitable for hearing aids and cochlear implants. The Hear Ear is largely aimed at adults and the elderly but is also suitable for children. At My Little Ears, our focus usually on children and infants with hearing loss, but we […]

Accessories and decorations for children’s hearing aids and cochlear implants can be hard to find, and often, only available over the internet. If you’re interested in decorating your deaf child’s hearing device but want your little one to feel included in the fun, and/or would like to get crafty by making your own, here are […]

Learning to accept and adjust to your child’s diagnosis of hearing loss can be a long drawn out process. First fitting children’s hearing aids or cochlear implants can fill you with a great sense of dread about how your child will cope, or equally, a sense of excitement about how much the new devices will […]