Babies and Infants Hearing Aid Hats / Cochlear Implant Hats

If you are a parent who has just received a diagnosis of hearing loss for your baby and are either waiting or have just had your deaf child’s first hearing device fitted, you may have some concerns, or be wondering on some of the best products out there to help to deal with issues like feedback, babies removing hearing aids or cochlear implants, as well as comfort issues for your child whilst wearing the device.

image-1-23At My Little Ears, we recently have brought on board a seller with a new shop – Anchor Your Hearing. Anchor Your Hearing sells bespoke pilot caps designed with babies and infant’s hearing loss in mind, to help make that transition into wearing hearing aids or cochlear implants easier for your baby or toddler, up until the time they become more comfortable with their hearing devices. So here is the rundown on Anchor Your Hearing and their hearing caps for babies, toddlers and infants.

Feedback Issues

One of the first issues faced by a parent of a newly diagnosed deaf infant may be children’s hearing aid / cochlear implant feedback noise. Feedback noise may occur when you hold your baby close for a cuddle, or even as your baby rolls around and the earmold comes loose from the ear canal. This noise shouldn’t cause your baby/infant too much alarm and certainly won’t damage their hearing, but this sound definitely something that it’s good to avoid. Anchor Your Hearing’s baby hearing loss hats help to keep the earmold firmly in place. The mesh around the sides of these pilot caps is permeable so is not detrimental to the quality of the sound picked up by the hearing device microphone and effectively helps to create a buffer zone between your baby’s hearing device and whatever object is approaching them, which greatly helps to prevent feedback noise.

Babies Removing Aids

Hearing aids and cochlear implants take a lot of getting used to, even for adults. When it comes to babies, it may not be that your baby or infant necessarily dislikes their hearing aid or cochlear implant, but rather they may be curious and want to remove and take a look at what this new device is that seems to be permanently attached to the side of their head! The trouble is once your baby or toddler removes their hearing device, it then has the potential to become a choking hazard as they make a decision to chew it, or even somehow manage to remove the batteries. To help deter little fingers from removing and playing with hearing aids, hearing aid hats have a tie around the chin which keeps the hat pressed firmly but comfortably against your child’s ears, effectively making it much tougher for your baby to remove them.


Behind the ear hearing aids and cochlear implants are known to flap around on movement. This can be uncofomrtable and also cause unwanted feedback noise. Hearing aid and cochlear implant caps for deaf babies help to keep hearing devices comfortably in place, helping your little one to carry on enjoying their playtime rather than worrying about you fixing their hearing aid every 20 minutes.


The last benefit of Anchor Your Hearing’s caps for deaf and hearing impaired infants and children – cuteness! The hats come in a range of lovely designs, colours and customisable sizes so you can be sure to find one that both you and your baby love.

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