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Hello and welcome to the ‘About Us’ page of MyLittleEars, a website owned and created by Jodene, Anthony and Brandon Antoniou.

So what’s it all about?…

About us We started MyLittleEars.co.uk in January 2015, almost a year after our son, Brandon, was diagnosed with hearing loss and fitted with his first hearing aids. When he initially had his BTE aids fitted, we faced the usual struggles that families face of how to keep his hearing aids in, how to stop them from getting lost or broken as well as where to find all the necessary information on hearing loss to help us make the best choices.

Straight away we were given a generic hearing aid retainer for Brandon to wear, and seeing the struggles that a toddler has to face with having hearing aids fitted, we wanted to bring a bit more sunshine into the process for Brandon. So we decided to make him his own personalised hearing aid retainers, featuring his favourite characters: Cars and Monsters. When we saw how much he loved wearing them, we just had to make him more! We know it can be very hard to find children’s hearing loss related products on the web, so the next step for us was to put some of our designs up for sale on eBay. Our goal was to help Brandon save for Disneyland and also to help other little ones out there with hearing loss to feel more positive about their devices. As we sold more and more, we thought it would be great to have our own space to share all of the information we learned about childhood deafness, and provide tips and products for all things about little ears.

We found that information on children’s hearing loss was available on the web, but often only in dribs and drabs, rather than in one well organised, easy to read website. So here we are: MyLittleEars.co.uk. We hope you like the site, and we always welcome feedback (positive or negative), to help us improve things for all those other parents and little ones out there dealing with hearing loss.

Thanks for visiting!