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My Little EarsWith technological advancements in audiology across the world and newborn hearing screening for babies, childhood hearing loss is being diagnosed far more quickly than in the past. Many deaf children now are diagnosed with hearing impairment from a very young age, which is a wonderful thing when it comes to supporting them with their development. But for many parents, finding out your child has hearing loss in the early days can be very daunting. Finding information and products to help support you and your deaf child still can be difficult and the My Little Ears site aims to bring together parents needing to find information and looking for products for deaf children, with sellers (many of whom are also parents) of those brilliant products. We aim to sell items that are practical, creative, useful or all of the above, and can help to make your deaf child’s life that much easier and more cheerful, helping them to become more positive about hearing loss.


  • Thank you for making such lovely retainers for my son’s implants. He loves looking through your ideas and picking which ones he’d like. They are well made, hold the implants well with nice thick bands which don’t snap when pulled. Lovely, soft cords that don’t rub. My son’s are admired wherever we go. Thank you so much for making my son’s implants fun.

    Kerry, Derbyshire
  • From me and other mums out there, you help us out a lot and if it was not for you we would have a harder job with our kids. Our family are so pleased with the work you do.

    Stacey, London
  • Oh, his little face when I showed him his new retainers when he came home from school. He can’t wait until the postman brings them for him. So a BIG thank you to you for making a little boy very happy today.

    Louise, Dorset